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New York • Newport Beach • Palm Beach • Miami


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IMPORTANT:   Please read prior to scheduling your appointment  

1.   Any child under 5 must have an adult in the portrait as well.

2.   While we love animals, unfortunately we do not photograph pets

3.   We always encourage family portraits  as your best option, and are happy to photograph children separately if they are old enough at no additional cost.    Studies have shown that children who grow up with family portraits in their home have a greater sense of belonging and self worth.   

4.   Because we block out two hours for each appointment, and many times our staff flies  in from out of town (one of our photographers flies in from London),  as such, we ask every client for a temporary holding deposit of $300. which is 100% REFUNDED to you on the day of your appointment.   Permanently canceled appointments however are not refunded. 

5.     After making your appointment, we will send you detailed information on clothing, directions   etc.  

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