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The Bradford Portrait is offered in two extraordinary finishes:


The Classic Finish


The Classic finish is our conventional, standard finish displaying the realism of a photograph with rich artistic enhancements and is available in every size.   Our artist will carefully go through and embellish in all the right areas to make sure you look your absolute best.   It is finished with a canvas texture, mounted to artist masonite for durability and beauty and sealed with a protective lacquer.


The Masterpiece Finish


The Masterpiece finish is our most exquisite offering and the closest thing to getting a master oil painting done.   Because of the amount of labor involved, we can only finish a very finite amount of Masterpiece Portraits.   As a result, they are limited to sizes 30” or larger.   


In our Masterpiece finish the portrait is rendered entirely as a painting.  Our artist commences digitally in a program developed specifically for traditional painters.   In this program, the artists picks her brush, the exact number of bristles on her brush.  She mixes her paint colors and decides the precise amount of paint to apply to the brush.   She then chooses the angle, the pressure, and everything just as one would with traditional old world painting.   After the artist is finished, we carefully create archival quality pigments to bleed into a special canvas from Germany.   The end result is a spectacular portrait that is not photograph based.   Because of the special materials that we use, our Masterpiece Portraits are rated for 250 years before any fading takes place.   If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, this is the process he would use. 

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